Quote & photo of Dan Whitt: "It wasn't a big leap from there to the ocean."

Recording my first NASA interview for StoryCorps

I’d been looking forward to working at NASA Ames all year but working remotely has been its own adventure! Here’s how I recorded my first interview with NASA oceanographer Dan Whitt.

Image showing mouse cursor selecting the download button in response to the question 'Download Kill Switch?'

Podcast review: Kill Switch

Kill Switch, hosted by Felicia Anthonio, is a production of Access Now, Volume and the #KeepItOn Coalition. This 6-part podcast series documents a global threat to democracy; government-mediated internet shutdowns.

Photo of the spine of Nonscience Returns by Brian J Ford

Book review: Nonscience Returns

Like its ridiculous subtitle, Brian J Ford’s Nonscience Returns is full of amusing contradictions.

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