A roundup of all my NASA stories

Katrina stands next to the Ames Research Center sign at Moffat Field

As my funding comes to an end, it feels like a good time to summarise my work as an intern and contractor at NASA Ames. It’s been an incredible 18 months and I’ve met some amazing scientists and engineers.

I’ve been fortunate to have my stories published on different NASA sites and blogs, as well as contributing to the Ames Oral History project on Storycorps. Here are some of my favourites:

Diversity in geoscience: “We’ve got to solve this now.” – NASA’s Science Mission Directorate

NASA’s Airborne Sensor Facility MASTER wildfire monitoring – NASA Ames

Mission Impossible: SHARC – NASA Earth Expeditions

Everything you need to know about NASA’s Airborne Sensor Facility – NASA Ames

Jennifer Inman on the SCIFLI Hayabusa2 Airborne Re-entry Observation Campaign – NASA People

Share your science: James Jacobson – NASA Ames

“There were locations that I went to that no human has ever been to before.” An interview with Dr. Mary Beth Wilhelm. – Storycorps

“The one scientific riddle that’s the greatest of any… is how life started on the Earth.” An interview with Dr. David Des Marais. – Storycorps

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