Instagram inspiration: 21 STEM accounts to follow in 2021

Collage of the 21 Instagram accounts featured [images used with permission]

Starting my professional Instagram account in Summer was one of the best decisions I made in 2020. It gave me something to focus on when my lab was shut down and inspired me to start this blog. When I need an outlet, I usually turn to writing, but taking and editing photos has allowed me to explore a different kind of creativity. I’ve met an awesome community of students, researchers and STEM professionals and even got a paid commission! If you’re thinking about starting a studygram or SciComm account, or if you want to promote yourself or your work, I recommend checking out these Instagrammers for inspiration. In no particular order, here are the 21 accounts I think you should follow:

1. @thebioinf

2. @thatneurosciencechick

3. @anna_thechemist

4. @asiafee

5. @theinternationalphd

6. @myphdexperience

7. @themelaninphd

8. @science.with.iris

9. @astroally

10. @neuro_codes




14. @kertutenso

15. @thecurlyscientist

16. @sameera.shukanta

17. @codingbeanie

18. @eyedaisyshu

19. @freija.mendrik

20. @fernsulantay

21. @chloe.the.scientist

These are just a handful of the accounts I’ve connected with in the STEM Instagram community. You can find even more inspiring humans if you follow me and check out my ‘Follow Friday’ story highlight. Who inspires you? Feel free to share your favourite accounts in the comments below.

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